Earlier Transition- Community Voice OnPoint With Samantha

There are many many factors that may come into the decision of whether or not to transition for a transgender individual. There might be concerns with whether it would destroy family relationships. There may be concerns about your employer accepting your decision and the changes that come with it. There may be concerns about your relationship with friends or spouse. There may be concerns about your housing. Or it may come down to what held me back for all of these years- not knowing just What IS possible.

If you are thinking of coming out or starting to transition these are just a few things that you should consider and research BEFORE you start. Reactions and feelings of family and friends, will this end up in you losing your housing, will you lose your job because of it, do you have the financial means to buy a new wardrobe and all of the supplies that will be needed.

I have to admit that I was one of the lucky ones in all of the above things to think of, but the one thing I lost was my church at the time, which I didn’t expect. I made an appointment to meet with my pastor and talk about my journey and feelings. I didn’t want to blind side him with my topic, because that wouldn’t be helpful, I thought giving him time to research would be helpful, transgender issues are not easy. But he quoted a couple bible verses one of which was God doesn’t make mistakes, he creates everyone for a reason. No these are not his exact words, this is what I got from what he said. He also said that when he met me I was a man so therefore I will always be a man.

Well let me counter these points. I will agree that God creates everything for a reason. But let’s consider what I believe to be the reason, I was created. To be transgender and to help others see and understand we are people too. And for the other item about me being a man when he met me … let’s look  to another one of God’s creations- the caterpillar. When the caterpillar starts out it IS a caterpillar, but then through its journey it wraps itself in a cocoon and emerges a caterpillar? No it’s a butterfly. A beautiful, colorful butterfly. So what you saw first as one being is now another.

As is the case with myself, I wish I would have transitioned earlier. Most  in the trans community  Wish they had transitioned earlier and been able to be their true selves  and  live their true lives. Yes  I understand there are many reasons that we didn’t do it sooner : fear, work,  money, family, or just the knowledge that it IS possible (which is my reason). As they say  ”Hindsight is 20/20”. That’s why seeking resources  is a GREAT thing,  Some  of which are available through the GLCC in Pittsburgh and Persad in Pittsburgh. There are people, groups, and numerous other resources that are available.

That is my Trans point of view.



Today is #GivingTuesday and we urge you to support you local community groups, organizations and projects.

A donation to the GLCC of PghYOUR GLBTQ community center helps maintain our homeless outreach program, Service Access for Youth which serves approx 100 youth and young adults a week, Friday Night Drop In-focused on youth 18 and under, and other programs like Cathy’s Closet– a place for folks of all ages to come and get vital items of need from socks to blankets and coats to hygiene products, eBIcenter– a bisexuality advocacy and outreach group, Nexus -a GLBTQ project focusing on creating network and connection for our 50
+ communities, the GLCC Library which is now home to close to 10,000 books and so much more.

We at the GLCC of Pgh collaborate with and support many great agencies, groups and projects and encourage to support them as well:

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Persad Center


Proud Haven


TransPride Pgh ( donations can be earmarked for Transpride Pgh HERE)


Homeless Children’s Education Fund

healthcarefor the homeless

Healthcare for the Homeless


New Voices Pittsburgh #BlackGirlMagic


Community Human Services



Remember- it is the day of charity , in the season of giving..but you do not need a special day to support those that support YOU and your community! Every dollar counts!




Introducing Samantha- Community Voice OnPoint With Samantha

Hello everyone, I am Samantha, one of the new volunteers down here @ the GLCC in Pittsburgh. I am a transgender woman: hence the closing line in my posts “That’s my Trans point of view.” I was born and raised in the outskirts of Pittsburgh. I want to help people get the resources they need to  be happy.

I believe and have seen that the GLCC is a good source for such resources: literature, clothes, food, socialization, and if nothing else just somewhere to hang out. I am not the social butterfly that I would like to be but I am working on changing that.

I do tend to have somewhat of an off center point of view, and think outside the box.The thoughts and opinions I put in my posts are mine and do not reflect the thoughts and opinions of the GLCC or anyone else associated with the GLCC.

So with that said get ready for more of “That’s my Trans point of view. ”



Caitlyn Jenner- Community Voice OnPoint With Samantha

I for one know nothing of all of the Kardashian stuff that is out there. I mean yes I heard faint stories when people talked about the show, or when something happened on the show that the morning radio station found interesting.but it all sounded to stupid and staged to interest me in the least. I never found the reality shows entertaining. The closest I ever got was watching a little bit of Orange County Chopper but the fighting and constant bickering on there was stupid and staged in my opinion, but back to my point.

I felt the Diane Sawyer interview was done with the respect it deserved. There were no cheap shots or insults. Diane Sawyer conducted the interview and Caitlyn Jenner told us how she feels. It was informative..

I feel Caitlyn’s journey is helping the LGBTQIA… community.  Her Public transition is making it much more Visible to those not in the community. I understand there are still people who don’t like or understand what we are going through but If it helps just a few people be more accepting either of themselves or of others it is a great thing.

The only issue I had was that a week after coming out to the public she is posing in lingerie for the magazine. That sends many wrong thoughts to so many different perspectives, first to the Trans that haven’t come out yet that it’s a fast journey. Well make no mistake about it, it isn’t fast or easy.  Second to the judgmental population that the Trans are doing it for show. As is my case, it’s not for show it’s a need to live as myself.  Third is to the ones who have transitioned in the past and weren’t ready for the public a week after coming out. Let’s face it some of us aren’t ever going to be to the point we are able to be ready for an event like that.   Yes she has been on her journey for years, but the timing didn’t work well for me.

Since then I have heard a lot of people through social media and internet stories bashing the crap out of Caitlyn Jenner. For example some of the people in the transgender community (not from the same social class as Caitlyn), are SCREAMING that Caitlyn Isn’t a good representative of the trans community because she is rich and she doesn’t know the hardships and troubles the poor community go through just to be themselves. Well let’s face it, those people that are saying she isn’t a good representative don’t know what I went through, or what my friends went through or for that matter what Caitlyn went through. There are trans people in every social and economic class. Caitlyn is in the upper class, but she is listening and trying to learn what others are going through and have gone through At least from what has been on Caitlyn’s tv show. Then to top the whole thing off, these trans people complaining about Caitlyn are misgendering her and calling her by her old name, and they are complaining about HER not being a good representative!! If you ask me they are not the good representatives of the Trans comunity.

But as I stated earlier she has the connections and finances to get the word circulating among the  people in the non LGBT++ community that know nothing about us or our plights, that there are Trans folks out here.

That’s my Trans point of view.


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